Lily - Earring #1





「花開工藝、生活美意。」Bomb Metal & Fry Jewelry Studio - since 2005



Met a courier heading north, handed a flower I picked over him

To my friend in Long Shan.

For there was no better gift here in south,

The plum flower be the bell for the spring to come.

“To Yeh Fan” by Kai Lu

Gratitude blossoms from a flower petal; your thankfulness is delivered through our hand-made crafts.


“Blossoms in Metals, Cares in Petals”Bomb Metal & Fry Jewelry Studio - since 2005

By ceaseless creating and curating, BMFJ has been working on bringing the metal crafts into life ever since their establishment. From 2014, they developed the flower series to capture the nature as it is. All the metal crafts are elegantly polished to go with your trendy lifestyle. With these flowers, the metaphor of thankfulness and appreciation, your gratitude is delivered to the hands of people you care, and it will not wither.







「花開く工芸、日用の美」Bomb Metal & Fry Jewelry Studio - since 2005