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  • Formosa Macaque - Necklace #NSPN2

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    臉蛋小的台灣獼猴(黑肢猴) ,是除了人類以外唯一原住於台灣的靈長類,她愛吃香蕉、芒果、荔枝、柳丁。


    Formosa Macaque Necklace

    In Taiwan the only native primate besides you and me, The Formosa Rock Macaque stuffs cheeks tiny With mangos, bananas, oranges and lychees.

    • 材質 : 銀, 青銅

      尺寸 : 55x36 mm, 鍊長 :20", 28"

      ** 如作品標示已售出,再訂製需3-4週工作天 **


      Material : Silver, Bronze

      Measurement : 55x36 mm, Lenght :20", 28"

      ** Some of our artworks are custom-made, and it normally takes 3-4 weeks. **