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  • Gemstone - Bracelet #FINBRA1


    找心的零件系列 - 礦石手環




    Finding Lost Parts of the Heart Series

    There is a kind of jewelry easily stained by the surroundings, neglected in the reality. Only the ones with sharp eyes and skillful hands can find it.

    This collection is one of the collections of Breathing with the City. These lost parts can only be found in Chi-feng Street in Taipei.

    • 材質 : 鋁陽極氧化染色處理

      寬度 : 10 mm 

      ** 如作品標示已售出,再訂製需3-4週工作天 **


      Material : aluminum anodized

      Measurement : 10 mm

      ** Some of our artworks are custom-made, and it normally takes 3-4 weeks. **